Let a Drivers License Lawyer Restore Your Driving Privileges

We can assist you with the driver's license restoration process in Grand Rapids, MI, or anywhere in Western Michigan

Was your license revoked after a DUI conviction? Being reliant on others for transportation can affect your ability to get a job, run errands or have a social life. If you need to file a petition for driver's license restoration in Grand Rapids, MI, The Haehnel Law Firm can guide you through the process.

Your driver's license lawyer will handle all of the paperwork and represent you in a hearing before the secretary of state. You can expect your lawyer to be upfront about your chances throughout the legal process.

We can also help clients with restricted licenses. Make an appointment with a driver's license lawyer today.

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Prepare for your driver's license appeal hearing

In order to get a driver’s license appeal hearing in Grand Rapids, MI, you need to submit documentation of your sobriety. This includes…

  • At least three community support letters
  • Evidence of attendance at sobriety meetings
  • A current substance abuse evaluation

Your lawyer can help you fill out this form and ensure that it’s submitted properly. For more information about the driver’s license restoration process, contact our law firm now at 616-454-3834.